Big Chief

Big Chief Artist Pic

Big Chief is a British jazz band, that also incorporates blues influences. The band is described by the Observer as “an institution as much as a band, bundling jazz, blues and soul in one bag and shaking them vigorously”. They have been together for some 30 years now and have lost none of their edge, there is always something new to get excited about. Big Chief continue to perform live across the UK festivals and at many pubs and clubs in the London and Hertfordshire area on a regular basis and the band have released a number of live and studio albums, which Janus Sounds are re-releasing along with rare and unheard material. It’s members have included the late-great Dick Heckstall-Smith, legendary ex-Colosseum bassist Tony Reeves and charismatic band leader and singer, John Fry.

To find out more about Big Chief, check out their site and follow them on Facebook.

Minimal Klezmer


Minimal Klezmer are a klezmer trio who split their time between Italy and the UK. Here’s what London Jazz News (Andy Boeckstaens) had to say:
“Carefully-crafted, classically-inclined compositions sit side-by-side with off-kilter jigs and unfettered oom-pah. It might be folk, it could be jazz. It doesn’t matter. Humanity is at its core.”
“There can be little doubt that their forthcoming live shows in London will be interesting and hugely entertaining.”

To find out more about Minimal Klezmer, check out their site and follow them on Facebook.

Psyche Bugyo

Psyche Bugyo

Psyche Bugyo are a mysterious Japanese psychedelic prog outfit led by long-term Acid Mothers Temple member Atsushi Tsuyama. Psyche Bugyo will release their debut album ‘Psychedelic Judgeman Comes, He Has The Cherry Blossom On The Shoulder’ for the first time in the UK and wider Europe with Janus Sounds later this year.

Ono Ryoko


Think Squarepusher meets King Crimson and you’re getting close to the sound of Ono Ryoko, a Japanese sax player and sometime Acid Mothers Temple member. Janus Sounds will be putting out her first solo material to be widely released in the EU. Her album ‘Electronic Elements’ will be released digitally this summer, and fuses elements of improvised jazz saxophony with IDM style production.